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Modern guidance and (weapons) deployment systems call for modular open control and communications solutions. These solutions must be cost-efficient and ready for the expedient use across platforms and systems.  The capability of integrating PC innovations and commercially available solutions is prerequisite to the use in military environments.

The patented ICOS Rugged System Design Concept allows the use of commercial over-the-counter (COTS) IT products under typical deployment conditions. This applies in particular when PCs are used in combination with autonomous microcontroller-based smart control and monitoring systems.


ICOS has defined and developed proprietary electronic and mechanical systems in support of specific projects.  These technical developments and the dialogue between ICOS and the user are the basis for ICOS system solutions, which will meet all project requirements.

Core Products

Rugged Computer Systems for Commercial and Military Use

  •     Compact 19” 4 HE high performance server for military use
  •     Ruggedized workstations implementing the newest processor technology
  •     ICOS-MCS  multi-function computer system for military use in covered buildings,
  •     which allow the integration of COTS PC components
  •     19“ industrial computers, 4HE and 3HE compliant

Display Modules / Multi-Monitor Systems

  •     User control and display devices up to a protection rating of IP68,
        fire control system displays, X-terminals
  •     19“ Modular versions, special modular and stand-alone displays with screen diameters
        between 6.5“ and 56“
  •     Smart infrared displays with touch screen functionality
  •     Marine vessel-specific display solutions with special dimmer functions

Network Components

  •     Rugged (PoE) switch solutions
  •     5-Port gigabit Ethernet switch to 12-port layer 3 switch, RJ45 fibre optic cable connections
  •     Rugged Laptop Computers
  •     Industrial laptop computers with up to 15“ displays and UXGA resolution
  •     Rugged laptop computers for specific military purposes, which are specially engineered
        for retrofitting as all-in-one solutions

Keyboard and Mouse Compatible User Input Systems

  •     Robust and compact customized function keyboard
  •     with extra features, such as night vision (NVIS compatible), hooded light function, track ball
        and  pressure-sensitive mouse
  •     Touch screen solutions based on various technologies for extreme ambient conditions

Integrable Control and Monitoring Systems (BITE)

  • for data security and troubleshooting as part of advanced internal error checking
    (BITE, built-in test equipment)


  •     Communication routines for peripheral systems
  •     Windows™-based user interfaces
  •     Device drivers

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