ICOS products have proven themselves in many projects


FüInfoSys-Heer (Army Guidance Information System)Military Server,
Military Layer 3 Switch, Displays Compatible withMilitary Environments

FüInfoSys-Heer-HEL (Army Guidance Information System –High Resolution Electronic Situation Reporting) Large-ScreenDisplay Technologies


SAMOC – Surface-to-Air Operations Centre    
19" Computer, AC/DC Power MC Distribution Units


LEGAR – Light Combat Reconnaissance Radar
(Recce Radar) Military Duty Switch, Rugged Military Laptop 1,600 x 1,200


Communications Computer Systems for Army Combat Troops,
GAFRAN  -  German Air Force Radio Network and the Multiple Adaptive HF Radio Communication System MAHRS-F124 of the German Marine

EloKA System FL1800 S II
(Heavy electronic mine protected support equipment/electronic protection)
Display Solutions, EPROM Flash Drive SCSI

FERA – Artillery Trajectory Measuring DeviceCentral EAE Computer

U212/U214 – Control and Monitoring Computerfor Fuel Cell Drives /
Communications and Master Computer for Regular andSubmersible Combat Vessels

TPZ FUCHS ABC – Transport Tank Fox (Protected against ABC Weapons)  

EDP Evaluation System Using Internal Data and/or CalibrationDual Pentium(R)M Processor,

Touch Screen Display


SMAD – Acoustic Analysis SystemComputer, Hand-Held Terminals, Rugged Laptop Computers

for Military Use


PzH2000 Tank Howitzer

Central Operating Computer for Ballistics and Communications


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