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The independent ICOS Company is a provider of custom engineered system solutions for industrial and defence applications. Since 1992, ICOS supplies defence technology and systems vendors with computers, servers, laptop computers, high-resolution displays, IT components and software solutions as well as special visualization and communication applications. ICOS designs, develops and produces rugged (especially secure) IT components for the industrial and military markets.

The ICOS approach includes all resources to satisfy project-specific requirements and systems solutions even for military communication security zone 1 applications. Commercially available over-the-counter IT products (COTS products) seamlessly work with the proprietary ICOS mechanical and electronic developments. Among those ICOS developments are customized microcontroller-based smart control and monitoring units to meet even very complex project requirements.  


ICOS systems are successfully integrated in the chain-driven tank howitzer PzH2000, the new transport tank Fox ABC, in submarine boats and truck parks and has now also become part of the German army’s guidance and information system. ICOS High-resolution large-screen displays for use  in the communication security zone 1 environment with a maximum resolution of 3840 x 4320 pixels (1920 x 2160 per DVI) and 2 x 56” diagonal screens are a perfect solution for displaying detailed maps and plans, aerial photographs and satellite images within the army guidance and information system.


ICOS solutions range from the smallest gigabit switch for military use to the most complex network components for use in communication security zone 1 environments. Designing customized solutions for very specific requirements is part of the regular ICOS services.

Company History

In 1991, the ICOS Company started as the affiliate of a company manufacturing large machine tools. Since then, ICOS has developed into a well established provider of PC-based computer systems for use in industrial and defence environments.

The ICOS CEOs Werner Hilgers and Joachim Stäcker (both graduate engineers) took the reins of the company in 1995. Ever since, ICOS is one of the few midsized German IT technology companies, which still operate as independent corporations. ICOS supplies IPC and electronics vendors with innovative state of the art technology solutions for rugged environments. 

ICOS achieved the ISO 9001 certification in 1998/99.

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